A-frame houses

A-house, casa in forma de A

A-FRAME HOUSES A-frame houses are characterized by a roof in the shape of the letter “A”. Usually, these houses have high ceilings and attic sleeping areas. This house model has been around for a long time but was initially used in mountainous areas where the steep roof helps large snow loads fall. Around 1960 these […]

Steel industrial buildings

STEEL INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS Steel structure industrial buildings are widespread in industry, agriculture, and other sectors that need sufficient and durable storage or production space. These structures offer numerous advantages, such as flexibility, excellent value for money, durability, ease of construction, and assembling.FlexibilityOne of the most important advantages of steel industrial buildings is their flexibility. Steel […]

How much it costs to build a steel hall

Cat costa sa construiesti o hala metalica

HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO BUILD A STEEL HALL Building a steel hall can be an important investment for businesses that need more sustainable storage or production space.But how much does it cost to build a steel hall?The total cost of a steel hall can vary depending on several factors, such as size, materials, design, […]

Price per square meter steel structure house

PRICE PER SQUARE METER STEEL STRUCTURE HOUSE The price per square meter for a steel structure house varies depending on several factors, including location, house size, quality of materials, and design complexity. In general, the price can vary from 50 to 150 Euro per square metre, or even more in some cases.It is important to […]

Second hand industrial buildings

Hale metalice second hand

SECOND HAND INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS If you are looking for an affordable steel structure industrial building, buying a used one can be an interesting option. However, you should consider the following aspects before making a purchase: Technical conditionBefore buying a second-hand industrial building it is important to check its technical condition. Carefully inspect the structure, roof, […]

Disadvantages of steel structure houses

Dezavantaje casa pe structura metalica

DISADVANTAGES OF STEEL STRUCTURE HOUSES Although steel structure houses have many advantages, including durability, flexibility, and low cost of materials, there are some disadvantages: 1. Fire resistance: although steel materials are part of the A1 fire resistance class (non-combustible), they should be clad with plasterboard to protect them from fire. Non-fireproof steel easily loses its […]

OLX steel structure houses

Case pe structura metalica OLX

OLX STEEL STRUCTURE HOUSES In a world of ever-increasing prices, the need for people to find economical solutions to build a home is evident. Because there are so many bargains to be found on OLX – online classifieds, people have started looking for houses on OLX very often.As expected, bargain hunters have formed a home […]

Timber frame houses

Case structura lemn

TIMBER FRAME HOUSES Timber frame houses are a popular alternative to concrete or steel structure houses. Some of the advantages of these houses include: 1. Durability: wood is a durable and resistant material that can withstand various weather conditions. 2. Energy efficiency: wood is a natural insulator and can help keep indoor temperatures comfortable and […]

Steel structure houses manufacturers

Steel homes manufacturer

STEEL STRUCTURE HOUSES MANUFACTURERS There are many manufacturers of steel structure houses, both nationally and internationally. One of the best-known companies is Unic Rotarex®, which is quality certified with TÜV SÜD München. Unic Rotarex® manufactures with best-performing machines on the world market today and has a great experience in design.With hundreds of houses designed, produced, […]



ECOLOGICAL Lightweight steel structures can be considered environmentally friendly for several reasons. One of them is energy efficiency. Steel is an extremely energy-efficient material, and lightweight steel structures require less energy to produce than traditional building materials such as concrete or brick. In addition, steel structures can be designed to maximize natural daylight, reducing the […]