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Second hand industrial buildingsIf you are looking for an affordable steel structure industrial building, buying a used one can be an interesting option. However, you should consider the following aspects before making a purchase:

Technical condition
Before buying a second-hand industrial building it is important to check its technical condition. Carefully inspect the structure, roof, walls, and foundation for signs of wear or damage. Also, check if there are any problems with electrical installations or
with ventilation systems.

Adaptability to business needs
Check if the used industrial buulding fits your business needs. Analyze the size, shape, and positioning of the industrial building and make sure it allows you to operate efficiently.

Maintenance costs
Second-hand industrial buildings may require repairs and maintenance, so it is essential to consider these costs before purchasing.
Check if spare parts are available, how much it costs to replace them, and how much the labor will cost.

Transport and installation costs
It may be necessary to transport the second-hand industrial building to your location, and this may add additional costs to your purchase. It is also important to check if the industrial-building can be set up without any problems and if there are specialists available for this.

In conclusion, buying a second-hand industrial building can be an affordable choice, but you should consider several factors before making a purchase. Check the technical condition, adaptability to business needs, maintenance costs, transport, and installation costs, and make sure you have an adequate budget for all these.
And last but not least, compare the price with new steel structure industrial buildings on Unic Rotarex® steel structure which might be very close in price.


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