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Proiectarea structurilor metalice usoare


The design of steel structure houses, according to Unic Rotarex® technology, follows the same steps as any other type of house.

Town planning certificate - *valid for Romanian legislation

The town planning certificate is the first document you need to request from the Town Planning Department of the municipality that owns the land you want to build on. The town planning certificate explains the conditions under which you can obtain a construction as close as possible to your wishes and possibilities.

Price estimation

The price estimation is made taking into account your requirements but also the constraints that are given by the town planning certificate.

Architecture project

The architectural project is prepared by an architect member of the OAR (Romanian Architects Organization).* - valid for Romanian legislation After you have obtained several estimates and have chosen the building system, the architect draws up the architectural project taking into account the town planning certificate.


The quote is drawn up on the basis of the architectural design, which contains sufficient data to allow a clear and definitive quote to be drawn up.

Technical documentation

The technical documentation is drawn up by specialist engineers who are very familiar with the construction system in which the house is built. Unic Rotarex® produces only on the basis of projects made with approved engineers, to avoid calculation errors or projects that cannot be realized.

MLPAT verification - *valid for Romanian legislation

MLPAT verification is done on your behalf by specialist engineers (usually university professors or highly experienced engineers), specially authorized for this purpose. Unic Rotarex® can mediate for you to obtain MLPAT verification.

Facilities plans

Electrical, water, heating, and sewage facilities plans are usually done with specialist engineers proposed by the project manager (the architect). If you want special facilities or automation, you can find the specialists you need.

Building permit - *valid for Romanian legislation

The building permit is obtained from the same place where you obtained the town planning certificate. You can empower the architect or you can submit the file prepared by the architect for authorization.

Productia structurilor metalice usoare


The production process at the Unic Rotarex® steel structures factory follows a few well-identified steps by the factory production control processes agreed with TÜV SÜD Munich.

Production of structural elements

We produce 95% of the parts needed for a project, the rest of the materials are purchased from certified third parties. We have 3 "U" and "C" profile production lines, based on machines that represent the latest technology worldwide. Each profile is printed with the name of the manufacturer, the name of the profile, the item, the level, and the work of which it is part. We also print on each profile the batch number of the material from which it was made. We also produce welded and painted or galvanized structural elements or fasteners, in order to offer you a complete package of structural elements and fasteners.


Packaging is done for the elements composing the steel structure which are not required to be pre-assembled into structural elements. Packages are sized to be handled by a maximum of 3-4 people and sealed with hot welded tapes. The number of bands is written on the label of each pack, so you can check if something is missing. Cardboard box packages are sealed with adhesive tapes personalized with the Unic Rotarex® logo.


Pre-assembling is done in the factory, at your request, in structural elements that do not exceed the gauge of transport trucks. Larger structural elements are packed. Both pre-assembled and assembled structural elements are (factory) coated with a self-adhesive rubber strip on the profiles that will be in contact with the concrete. This tape is called sealing tape.


Labeling is done for each parcel, pre-assembled item, or box with assembling accessories. The label contains our CE identification number, all the information about the name of the manufacturer, the customer, the work, the level, the item, and the number of packages. On the label, you will find the date and time of production, and the number of packaging tapes, if applicable.

Temporary storage

Temporary storage means storage until delivery. The work is stacked on special pallets at the end of the production line and transported to the finished goods warehouse with heavy-duty side stackers. These forklifts are also used to bring them to the truck for loading.

Montajul structurilor metalice usoare


The assembling refers to the operation of fixing the structural elements as the load-bearing structure of the building. The packed elements are pre-assembled into structural elements, on-site, on the concrete slab of the foundation. The fasteners (screws) for pre-assembling are threaded and inserted into pre-existing holes. The assembling screws are self-drilling.

Assembling details

The assembling is done according to the technical documentation, the assembling plan (execution details), the assembling instructions, and the 3D plan. Unic Rotarex® offers the needed documentation, clear and well-detailed, that more and more people are starting to assemble on their own or with the help of friends. We have a network of collaborators specialized in assembling our structures in our country and abroad. Any other details are received by phone from our colleagues. The clearest example is Mr. Romica Firtat, from Malul cu Flori, Dambovita (Romania), managed to assemble a house structure by himself. Click on the button below to see the simplicity of assembling Unic Rotarex® steel structures.


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