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We produce light steel structures made of galvanized steel. Prefabricated “U” and “C” profiles for steel structure houses, steel structure industrial buildings, cheap garages, modular containers, garden houses, attics, lightweight floors, fence posts and steel fences, lattice girders and roof trusses, steel kiosks, garden houses, gate cabins, steel roofs.
Almost anything you can imagine can be built with Unic Rotarex® steel structures. Send us a sketch or a minimum of information in order to get an idea of the price of the steel structures produced by Unic Rotarex® factory.


The price-quality ratio for houses on steel structures is very fair, and the price of structures for metal halls is by far a much more advantageous offer than for halls on the classic system of welded profiles.

You can see indicative offers, calculate in real time the price of the desired construction or ask for a personalized price estimation.


Accuracy, speed, efficiency, and low price are the attributes that characterize Unic Rotarex® products. Click on the links below to learn more about our products.

Steel warehouses made by Unic Rotarex®


Proiectarea structurilor metalice usoare


We offer computer-aided design services in compliance with Eurocode3 standards and Law no.10/1995 on quality in construction.
On the basis of an architectural project, we draw up the technical documentation with calculation notes, and 2D and 3D assembling plans. The simplicity of the plans and the possibility to visualize the 3D structure makes it easy to assemble, just like lego. 
We design with high-performance hardware and software. This gives us reliability in calculation and ease of assembling.

Productia structurilor metalice usoare


We produce lightweight steel structures with one of the most efficient production lines on the world market today.
From “U” and “C” profiles prefabricated with punching, cutting, and perforating operations, we manufacture steel structures for houses, industrial buildings, or other types of structures. The ready-made operations on the profiles ease the assembling into resistance elements.
Packaging, assembling, labeling, and storage until delivery is done in accordance with EC regulations.

Montajul structurilor metalice usoare


The assembling of the structural elements as the resistance structure of the building is done on-site, on the concrete slab of the foundation.
A team of 4-5 workers with minimum equipment can assemble a 100 sqm house or a 200 sqm industrial building in 2-5 days depending on their experience. In order to assemble the structure just one of the workers needs to know how to read the plans.
We can connect you with a qualified assembling team or you can assemble the structure by yourself.


  • ISO 9001 – quality management translated into clear working procedures.
  • CE marking – factory production control according to SE1090-1.2, materialized in work instructions.
  • Declaration of performance – is the document that certifies the performance of the product.
  • Quality certificate – the document that attests to the quality of manufactured products.
  • Warranty certificate – the document that certifies the warranty of the purchased products.


EcologicalStarting from the premise “Producing structures, saving forests“, Unic Rotarex® proposes a new ecological concept, which aims to preserve nature by using recyclable steels in the production of building structures. We believe that we achieve a double ecological effect by melting down the “scrap” and turning it into house structures, rather than cutting down the forests.


Over 60,000 square meters of construction completed and a wide-spread portfolio map that clearly shows the difference between Unic Rotarex® and our competitors.
Constructions all over Europe, Asia, and the USA show not only the quality of our structures but especially our ability to design under various building regulations and also the ease of assembling our structures.


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O echipa foarte flexibila, utila, usor de comunicat. Produse de buna calitate si atentie la detalii. Recomand!
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