Steel home in Texas


Price per square meter steel structure houseThe price per square meter for a steel structure house varies depending on several factors, including location, house size, quality of materials, and design complexity. In general, the price can vary from 50 to 150 Euro per square metre, or even more in some cases.
It is important to note that this price does not include additional costs, such as those for the foundation, land, electrical and plumbing installations, interior and exterior finishes, etc.
The price may also be influenced by the availability and cost of materials in the area where the house is being built.
The labour shortage is another factor that can cause prices to vary greatly.
It is advisable to get several offers and compare costs to get a more accurate idea of the final price for building a steel structure house.
Buy the steel structures directly from the manufacturers. Negotiate materials with a large company that delivers directly to the site and then negotiate labor.
Turnkey pprojects are generally more expensive because in this case, the builder has to take the risk.

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