Steel home in Texas


How to buy lightweight steel structures for steel houses and industrial buildings from Unic Rotarex® is one of the most common questions our customers ask.
In order to understand correctly please read the necessary steps:

  • Price estimation

The price estimation is an indicative calculation based on the first information received from you.
In order for you to obtain a price estimation, we propose three ways:

  • Standard prices

On the product pages, we display pictures, features, sizes, and prices for those specific products. This will help you to make an idea of our prices.

  • Price Calculators

On some product pages, you can calculate the price for the desired structure in only 1-2 minutes. You can then save the price estimation as a .pdf file and use it as an offer.

  • Request a price estimation

If you send us enough information in the contact form, you will receive the requested price estimation by email in 1-2 working days. In case we need more information, we will call you.

  • Quote

The quote can be done when we agree (in the negotiation process) to work together.
The quote is annexed to the agreement, an integral part of the agreement, which clarifies the characteristics of the products, quantities, payment, and delivery terms.

  • Order

The order form can be found at the end of any quote, in order to simplify the working procedures. Once you sign and accept the quote, you also have placed the order.

  • Agreement

The agreement is a framework one, regulating the legal side of our collaboration.
If we already have an agreement, you only need to sign the quote for your future orders.


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