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The way we think

EcologicalFORESTS ARE SAVED WHILE STRUCTURES ARE MADE!” is the motto under which we talk about ourselves ecologically, it is the motto under which Unic Rotarex® proposes a new ecological concept.
The need to change our way of thinking and use wood only for aesthetic elements in construction.
Steel is recyclable, if we melt old cars and turn them into structures for houses, we will get a double ecological effect. Or do you think it’s environmentally friendly to cut down our forests and build houses?

Who are we?

Marius Rotar

Marius Rotar

Sole Asociate

Unic Rotarex® has been active in the market for more than 25 years and has always made it its mission to develop constructive systems with lightweight steel structures. In the beginning, we made interior fittings, plasterboard partition walls, and plasterboard decorative elements with light steel structures. Subsequently, the company’s mission became the improvement of the lightweight steel structures building system. We found and made the first galvanized “U” and “C” profile houses in Romania. Today we can say that we have achieved our goal. We have developed the best building systems with lightweight steel structures, and a modern manufacturing flow, we design the best-performing products.

Vlad Farte

Vlad Fârte


Graduate of VIA University College Denmark The man who answers the most confusing questions. The man who will give you the first sketches and ideas. Vlad will draw the quote and you will discuss the contract with him!

Dan Mocan

Dan Mocan

Technical Manager

Graduate of the University of Construction and Installations Cluj-Napoca. The man who does the static calculation and applies the CE mark. Ask Dan what your building will look like will show you!

Carmen Codrea

Carmen Codrea


Graduate of Babes Bolyai Business University Cluj-Napoca If you like our website, it is to her credit. Every day she improves the information that reaches you.

Rotar Alin

Alin Rotar

Head of Production

For over 20 years at Unic Rotarex®. The man with the most experience in production and assembling. The man who makes the structure to have tolerances under a millimeter! He offers support by phone!

Who recommends us?

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Why Unic Rotarex®

For over 25 years Unic Rotarex® has consistently demonstrated reliability, competitiveness, and innovation to its customers.

– We have no customer complaints Our customers come from the online medium and would know how to make a complaint online if they had to;

– We are ISO and CE certified with the most respected institution in Europe;

– Unic Rotarex® is a registered trademark because it can proudly keep its name for over 2 decades;

We are the ones who formed the Google search term “steel structure houses” and we have been at the top of Google searches for so long, not because we were the first but because we have always tried to be the best;

– We are known for our very short reaction time, both in production and assembling;

– We provide every customer with quality documents without being asked for them;

– We have the largest and most extensive portfolio of works;

– We offer the most varied range of products made of cold formed galvanized steel sheets;

-We have only satisfied customers.


Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00

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