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A-frame housesA-frame houses are characterized by a roof in the shape of the letter “A”. Usually, these houses have high ceilings and attic sleeping areas. This house model has been around for a long time but was initially used in mountainous areas where the steep roof helps large snow loads fall.

Around 1960 these houses were “reinvented” by architect Andrew Geller. After the “A-frame” house model appeared on the cover of the New York Times magazine, it soon became popular in many other regions because of its distinctive architecture.

Along with the modernization of the model, modern construction methods were also demanded, and many turned to the lightweight steel structures solution. This type of structure allows flexible design options and offer advantages to those who want to build an “A-frame” house because, being produced by CNC machines, the angles formed are perfect. Being lightweight, the steel forms beams that can be handled with few workers. They can also be customized to suit the needs and preferences of the homeowner, making them the optimal option for building A-frame homes.

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