We are looking for collaborators

Cautam colaboratori pentru constructii cu structuri metalice

We are looking for collaborators Unic Rotarex® has chosen to specialize in the production of lightweight steel structures, which is why we do not offer turnkey construction services. We believe that we have managed to streamline this construction system so that our customers benefit from a quality product at an affordable price, so we let […]

Steel structure tiny houses

Steel structure tiny houses

Steel structure tiny houses Tiny houses are becoming increasingly sought after. The tiny house concept, on which you can read more on Wikipedia, originated in the United States where houses are usually very large. These tiny houses have become a real architectural concept in the rest of the world but at the same time a […]

Unic Rotarex® garage for hybrid buses in Sinaia

Steel structure garage for hybrid buses

Unic Rotarex® garage for hybrid buses in Sinaia The need to adapt to the times we live in brings more and more customers to our constructive solution, the lightweight steel structures. The city of Sinaia has chosen an Unic Rotarex® garage for the hybrid buses it will put into circulation, with a surface of 493 […]

Where the past meets the future

The place where past meets future

Where the past meets the future Designing stairs is a challenge, but not for us. We have shown several times that our steel structure staircase solution is much cheaper and more efficient than any other construction solution. In this way, we can bring solutions from the future to old constructions.Unic Rotarex® provides you with innovative […]

Kaufland Facade Walls Support

Steel container

Kaufland Facade Walls Support From now on Kaufland Sovata will have Unic Rotarex® facade walls support The need to build quickly and cheaply led architects and engineers who are building supermarkets to check the viability of Unic Rotarex® solution. On a reinforced concrete structural scheme, just in a few days, we have assembled the structure […]

Texas, a new point in our portfolio

Steel home in Texas

Texas, a new point in our portfolio Mr. George and his team visited the Unic Rotarex® factory earlier this year. They had many questions about our building system, and from our experience, we had answers for all of them. They were particularly attentive to the quality of the steel we use in the manufacturing of […]

Duplex house in Belgium

Duplex house with steel structure

Duplex house in Belgium Earlier last week a lightweight steel structure for a 378 m² duplex house was delivered in Deurne, Belgium. The foundation of the house was already prepared, so after the reception of the steel structure, our collaborator started assembling it. This is the first assembling of an Unic Rotarex® structure that he […]

House in Netherlands – update

Steel home Netherlands

House in Netherlands – update In less than two weeks our customer from the Netherlands completed the assembling of the steel structure and proceeded to clad it with OSB (see picture). Eliminating the downtime that occurs in conventional construction is one of the factors that make steel construction more efficient. Not only do we say […]

The customer who built his house by himself

Steel structure house built by one person

The customer who built his house by himself Remember the house built by one person? After the winter holiday our client, Mr. Bercu, continued the work and now he can move into his new steel house! He continues to be delighted with the ease with which he worked and with the result. Even in the […]

First steel house of our customer from Italy

Steel structure for house in Italy

First steel house of our customer from Italy Our client in Italy, Mr. Alessandro, ordered his first Unic Rotarex® steel structure for a house, 307 m². He told us then that he wants to order more steel structures that he will assemble with his team, but in the first phase, he wants to see how […]