Steel home in Texas

Texas, a new point in our portfolio

Mr. George and his team visited the Unic Rotarex® factory earlier this year. They had many questions about our building system, and from our experience, we had answers for all of them. They were particularly attentive to the quality of the steel we use in the manufacturing of the structures, the explicitness of the assembling plans, and of course the seriousness with which we treat our customers. They were immediately convinced that we were the right team to start working with.

Their first order, a 310 m² duplex house structure with a second floor and attic, was loaded into shipping containers in June and shipped to Austin, Texas. The pre-assembled elements and steel profiles arrived at their destination without any problems and, a few days after unloading, our collaborators informed us that they started the assembling of the structure (see picture).

For us, the work in Texas is not just a new point and continent added to the Unic Rotarex® portfolio, but the reconfirmation that the products we put on the market are good value for money and are appreciated globally, including by experts.


Texas - steel structure houses

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