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Unic Rotarex® and Framecad

Unic Rotarex® and Framecad

In the world of construction, innovation is the key to sustainability and profitability. Unic Rotarex® steel structures are a great example of how the latest technology can revolutionize the industry.

Unic Rotarex® is a pioneer in the production of lightweight steel structures, specializing in a wide range of structures for residential and industrial buildings as well as other types of structures. Our commitment to quality and precision in the manufacture of steel structures has made us a benchmark in the industry, our portfolio spans on several continents.

Framecad® is a leading supplier of machinery for manufacturing lightweight steel structures. They have redefined the way steel structures are fabricated, improving the production process by constantly upgrading the machinery they put on the market.

Unic Rotarex® uses Framecad’s advanced production machinery, and the fact that Framecad has listed Unic Rotarex® on their website makes us very proud of our work.

Most importantly, however, is that the benefits of this collaboration extend beyond the companies involved to the entire construction sector. This way our customers benefit from efficiency and sustainability, and we maintain the level of quality we have already accustomed you to.

In a rapidly changing world where construction demands are on the rise, Unic Rotarex® remains committed to pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible in the construction industry, building a more resilient and efficient future. Contact us!


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