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Seismic testing of Unic Rotarex® steel structures

Seismic testing on Unic Rotarex® steel structuresThe seismic test performed on Unic Rotarex® steel structures was documented in the scientific paper recently published in one of the most prestigious journals in the field of Civil Engineering – Thin-Walled Structures published by Elsevier. The scientific work was carried out by 3 university centers in Romania: lasi, Timisoara, and Cluj-Napoca.

This paper presents the first part of an extensive research program that studies the behavior of cold-formed steel structures. In this first part, the structure (only the skeleton) was experimentally tested to the seismic action on the existing platform at the University of Construction and Installations in lasi, Romania. All experimental results and numerical simulations are thus presented in the paper with several interpretations.
The second part, to be published soon, deals with the structural behavior of the skeleton plated with OSB panels which will be at least as interesting as the first one.
Thanks to Professor George Taranu (and all those involved) for the scientific demonstration which confirms once again that Unic Rotarex® steel structures are the construction solution you can trust.


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