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Steel structure tiny housesTiny houses are becoming increasingly sought after. The tiny house concept, on which you can read more on Wikipedia, originated in the United States where houses are usually very large. These tiny houses have become a real architectural concept in the rest of the world but at the same time a lifestyle associated with minimalism. Most people have realized that large areas in houses significantly increase construction and maintenance costs, but are not fully utilized.

Lightweight steel structures add even more advantages to these tiny houses. One of the main factors why people choose tiny houses is the low cost. By using steel structures this cost is further reduced. The same level of heat transfer can be achieved in steel houses as in brick houses, but with thinner walls, which increases the usable surface area. For tiny houses, the structural elements are light and make the assembling much easier, it can even be done on yourself. People who are followers of this new concept are particularly concerned about the ecological aspect, and at this point, steel structures are the best choice, as they are produced from recycled material.

Our colleague in Belgium, Mr. Florin had the idea to use these houses as holiday homes, see the picture above. He chose Unic Rotarex® right from the beginning of his project and after the first 2 houses of this type, built in Oteppe, Belgium (28 m² each) he is sure to continue his collaboration with us. Another client in Spain had the idea to use this concept as a mobile house.

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