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We are looking for collaborators

We are looking for collaborators for construction with steel structuresUnic Rotarex® has chosen to specialize in the production of lightweight steel structures, which is why we do not offer turnkey construction services. We believe that we have managed to streamline this construction system so that our customers benefit from a quality product at an affordable price, so we let others do the turnkey construction.

However, our clients have the possibility to choose from our list of collaborators, a company that does the assembling of the steel structure and, if needed, all the rest of the work. Our collaborators receive quotation requests from Unic Rotarex® customers and negotiate directly with them.
The interest in our constructive system has grown significantly, so we invite you to join our network of collaborators.

What is needed?

  • to have a company
  • a team of minimum 4 people
  • know and follow the quality in construction, according to the law

What do we expect?

  • choose a geographical area that you can cover
  • have experience in making quotes for the requested service
  • reliability and promptness

What do we offer?

  • prefabricated structural system as a kit (includes assembling accessories)
  • theoretical and practical factory training in the assembling of lightweight steel structures
  • explicit assembling plans and a 3D model for each construction
  • consultancy during installation
  • requests from our customers

In case you meet these minimum requirements, let’s get to know each other!


Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00

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