Iceland, a new pin in our portfolio

Islanda un punct nou in portofoliul nostru

Construction in Iceland presents unique challenges and opportunities due to the country’s geological and climatic conditions.

Unic Rotarex® celebrates a major milestone by successfully delivering the first lightweight steel structure for a house in Iceland, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and sustainability in challenging environments.

Our structures are designed taking into account the seismic resistance, ensuring stability in earthquake-prone regions. Through specialized design, they provide a secure framework for Iceland’s unique geological landscape.

As usual, Unic Rotarex® delivered the steel structure, and one of our collaborators traveled to Iceland for the assembly of the structure and the rest of the construction works. After a few days, he told us that the Icelanders were very pleasantly surprised by the speed of construction and also by the result.

The next delivery is on its way, soon the second Unic Rotarex® steel house will take shape in Iceland. Follow us for updates!

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