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First opinions about the steel house

Opinions about the steel houseAlthough lightweight steel structures are an age-old alternative to traditional construction, there are still people who do not fully trust this system. They search on forums for opinions about steel houses and receive them from people who are not sufficiently informed or who have never had any contact with this product, instead of talking to specialists. Fortunately, our customers are among the “open-minded” ones, eager to try new options and have confidence in our experience and certifications. Therefore, for those who have doubts, we can only demonstrate by example that lightweight steel structures are indeed the building system of the future.

As we have specified in this blog article, Mr. Alessandro was delighted with the choice he made from the beginning of the assembling of the structure. He purchased the steel structure of a 307 m² ground floor house (see picture) that he was going to build in Mornago, Italy.

Now, after 6 months of living with his family in the steel house, he shared his opinion with us: “Everything is fine, we live in the house since May 20, and we are satisfied, the house is perfect! I want to thank Unic Rotarex® team for their service and the great product they provided!“. We had no doubts that Mr. Alessandro will be, like the rest of Unic Rotarex® customers, a satisfied one. When we saw that he even made a short video on YouTube, which you can watch below, we understood that saying that he is satisfied is an understatement. He was really enthusiastic and wanted to show this to everyone.

Events such as Mr. Alessandro’s reaction make us believe that slowly but surely everyone will agree that lightweight steel structures have many advantages over traditional systems. If you would like to benefit from these advantages, do not hesitate to contact us!

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