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We need to expand our storage space

Unic Rotarex® yard full with lightweight steel structures assembled in structural elementsThe storage spaces of the Unic Rotarex® factory have become too small. We work on the field less and produce more, which shows that Unic Rotarex® products have started to be sought after in the building materials market.

At this time we export over 65% of our production and it seems that the trend is increasing. Customers from abroad no longer ask whether our product is good or not because they have quality product education. When you are certified by TÜV SÜD München, no one doubts the quality of your product.

A simple conclusion is drawn, we must expand our storage space! We have purchased a building site which, in the future, will allow us to expand our storage space, but also to better organize the flow of production, storage, and delivery. Also, for this reason, we are in negotiations to buy a new production line, with the latest technology, which will also improve the quality of Unic Rotarex® products.

We hope that in a maximum of one year from this date our wishes will become reality.


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