Steel home in Texas

Duplex house in Belgium

Earlier last week a lightweight steel structure for a 378 m² duplex house was delivered in Deurne, Belgium. The foundation of the house was already prepared, so after the reception of the steel structure, our collaborator started assembling it.

Duplex houseThis is the first assembling of an Unic Rotarex® structure that he has executed, but we knew beforehand that he had enough details to be able to execute it correctly. After the first day of work, we were convinced that this was the case. He has done very well, managing to install almost the entire ground floor of the house, as you can see in the picture. In just five days, the lightweight steel structure was fully assembled!

Our structures are modulated by design to the dimensions of the cladding materials, making the work easier and avoiding material loss, so it only took two days to clad the structure with prefabricated materials.

Thanks to engineer Vlad Maxim and his team! He is the first to succeed in assembling an Unic Rotarex® structure in the time and performance of our system. Thank you Vlad for having the confidence, patience, and dedication to achieve this performance. We hope that in a short time more and more customers will follow the example of engineer Vlad Maxim and thus become what Unic Rotarex® really means: an important step in the evolution of building systems.

Our client, Mrs. Caroline, went to the site every day to see the status of the works and, on the seventh day, when she sent us photos from there, she said, “It went so fast I couldn’t believe my eyes“.


Steel house in Belgium

We received news from our client, the house in Belgium is ready for the final finishes! Our collaborators have finished plastering the floor with the Thermo system and also waterproofing has been completed.

Based on the design of the steel structure provided by us, our client ordered the carpentry and the windows with care, which fitted to the millimeter, so Vlad and his team started the work on the interior of the house.

Build with Unic Rotarex® lightweight metal structures and convince yourself that, besides other advantages, we can help you save the most precious resource we have: time!

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