Lightweight steel structure best-selling house

Best-selling Unic Rotarex® steel houseIt was one of the first house models designed to have the best quality-price ratio in its category. This year was the best-selling house and all those who see it know it is enough for a family. It is a cheap house, with a light steel structure, 72 sqm with living room, bath, kitchen with dining space, two bedrooms, technical space, wind-fang, and an exterior covered terrace. I hope after you review it you will say it deserves the title of best selling house. You can buy the steel structure from us and do the rest with workers in your area. Surfaces :- Living room : S= 19.14 m² .- Kitchen: S= 7.50 m².- Bathroom: S= 5.13 m².- Bedroom 1: S= 9.91 m².- Bedroom 2: S= 12.84 m²- Technical space: S= 4.88 m² – Terrace: S= 7.32 m².

Unic Rotarex® is the Steel Structures Factory, the most modern technology. Industrial buildings, steel profiles, containers, and watch cabins. The best-selling house is the 72 m² model.

Unic Rotarex® manufactures steel structure houses with the most modern technology in the field. Steel structure industrial buildings, galvanized profiles, industrial and event tents, containers, and security cabins. Social buildings, commercial buildings, shops, and kiosks. The whole range of agro-zootechnical products: stables, field shelters, solariums and greenhouses, silos, and sops. Exhibition stands, metal furniture, advertising panels, and volumetric letters. The most modern structure, the best products.

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