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Unic Rotarex® tuition course and the German experience

Rotarex tuition courseThe technical experience gained in Germany makes the assembling of Unic Rotarex® structures easy for our customers. This proves once again that Unic Rotarex® structures have very good plans and our customers from abroad install without question, as well as the customers in Romania.

After graduating from the Unic Rotarex® Structure Assembler Tuition Course, Mr. Chirila Alin easily assembles the first steel structure. We always explain that our structures are like mathematics, they can’t fail.

Today Mr. Chirila sent us the first photos showing that our structures can be easily assembled simply by following the assembling plans. You don’t have to be a specialist to read such simple plans. We provide 2D and 3D plans and it becomes a common sense condition that everything goes as planned.

We urge you to follow Mr. Chirila’s example, which will not only get you a cheaper house but especially a house with very good technical indicators, made available by Unic Rotarex® technology.

So far there are three houses in Germany and this week two more projects were approved. Who said that Unic Rotarex® can’t build in Germany?!!!

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