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Assembling of the steel structure by an Unic Rotarex® partnerWe can only rejoice when we come to the conclusion that our attempts to teach others to take advantage of the benefits of the Unic Rotarex® construction system are not in vain.

In two days, at Averesti, our partner managed to erect about half of the structure of a 281 sqm steel structure industrial building. In two more days, the roof will also be assembled and that is how the industrial building structure will be ready for plating with sandwich panels. Thanks to the modularity and planarity of the steel structure, the plating will be done as fast as the assembling of the structure.

Our partners understood that they can grow their efficiency by using Unic Rotarex® lightweight steel structures. By understanding this, they prefer to build with our structures at the detriment of classical constructive systems because:

  • the 2D and 3D assembling plans provided by us are explicit and easy to read;
  • perfectly flat surfaces are obtained, making the rest of the work easier;
  • construction time is reduced;
  • the elements are light, lifting equipment is required only in special cases;
  • fewer workers are needed on the construction site;
  • you can work in any season;
  • the risk of accidents on the construction sites is very low;
  • the working environment is clean.

Construction companies that realize these benefits no longer need to make calculations to know that Unic Rotarex® lightweight steel structures lead to significant cost savings, keeping quality at a high level. What more could you want for your business?!

Find out how you can use Unic Rotarex® light steel structures to your advantage by becoming our partner.


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