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Steel structure houses, turnkey price

Steel structure houses, turnkey priceSteel structure houses, turnkey price is just an expression by which people try to simplify their search. That doesn’t mean they’ll get the best prices, or that you’ll always find the right information in that search, because:

1. Prices for standard houses. Refers to a house that has been built or for which a price estimation was issued by technical means of calculation. The price is only informative and insufficient because:

  • you may personally request some changes and this changes the price;
  • Prices of materials and workmanship at the time of construction can be very different;
  • a different negotiation can occur between the same builder and you;
  • Factors such as inflation, season, location, political-economic fluctuations, etc. can change the price at the time you build.

2. Turnkey price per square meter. Such prices are calculated on the basis of past experience and indexed by a safety factor to take account of all the fluctuations explained above. Nobody wants to work for free so this kind of price will be a BIG PRICE.

Unic Rotarex® has not been building turnkey houses for a long time, but from all our experience we suggest you follow this GUIDE TO GET THE BEST PRICE TURN KEY FOR STEEL STRUCTURE HOUSES.

Ask for quotations by type of work from manufacturers and specialist service providers and aggregate their prices to get the turnkey house price. Later, you can also ask for a detailed turnkey price from one builder but you will know what to ask for each type of work. Otherwise, some works will have to be renegotiated to your disadvantage because you have not been explicit about what you want. That’s how additional costs arise, which many cannot afford.
I didn’t set out here to teach you how to budget for your next house project.
The price of the turnkey house assumes that you have already done the architectural project and the people who are going to make you offers know concretely what needs to be done in the project. The biggest mistake is a sketchy (cheap) project made just to get through permitting. Then you expect everything from a craftsman to make you a cheap and good house. Honestly, don’t you want to laugh?! Or maybe you’re crying?
Today’s architects have software that can obtain material lists and material quantity lists… If you define together the correct structure of walls, floors, and roofs, types of finishes, and decorative cladding, you will only have to decide on colors, prices, and material quality. You are not the craftsman.
Sure such a project will cost more but it can save dozens of times (I’m not exaggerating).
Having the execution details is no negotiation, the doer is clear about what he has to do.
By Knowing the quantities of materials you cannot be cheated, stolen, or pay for materials destroyed by great craftsmen.
1. Price of materials. With the bill of materials, go to the store and negotiate a price. You are not the craftsman or the builder. Or maybe you want him to take this discount too. Then ask for delivery to your location at the same price. Don’t pay the tradesman to drive his car 10 times a day, when he remembers to buy something.
You can decide for yourself the quality of materials you want to put in your house and you can do this on-site.
2. The price of the foundation. Based on the foundation design and of course, the quantities of materials, ask for quotations from companies specialized in this type of work.
Don’t count out those who don’t have their own formwork, digging, and tamping equipment, who don’t use the concrete vibrator and other tools, because they will rent them all and it will be more expensive.
3. Price of the load bearing structure. It should also include the price of the technical design so that the design is in line with production. Ask the price from the manufacturers, not the builders. Do not consider structures without 2 and 3D assembling plans, performance statements, quality, and warranty certificates. Do not consider offers from manufacturers who do not have European quality certification and factory production control.
How do you identify the real manufacturers of steel structures? Click here!
4. Carpentry price. By the carpentry panel received from the architect, you can ask the manufacturers to make you offers in several colors shapes, and qualities. Then you can have an informed decision about the woodwork of your house
5. Price of water heating and sewage installations it would be recommended to ask for it all from specialized companies, divided into materials and workmanship. It is desirable that all bidders make detailed plans so that there is no doubt about what is done and what is not. Once again I repeat: pay for the right plans because they save not spend.
6. Pricing of electrical, security and lighting installations same as above.
7. The price of the work. With the exception of materials all the above works have workmanship. There are still prices that can be asked per square meter for:

  • cladding with OSB, plasterboard, polystyrene, etc.
  • the price of plastering and splitting;
  • paintings;
  • decorative plasters;
  • Decorative tiling (tiles, marble tiles, etc.)

Add these prices together and you have the price of the house on a turnkey steel structure.
As a final tip, you are the only one interested in saving. So this effort can help you get the right turnkey price for your home on a steel structure. If you find it difficult, you’ll end up paying the ultimate price.
I assure you that all those who understand the above equation will be rewarded with the true price of turnkey steel structure houses, which is clearly lower than the established systems.


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