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How to obtain the building permit - *valid for Romanian legislation

Ask for the town planning certificate from the town hall of the town/area where the land you want to build on is located. The urban planning certificate is the informative document by which the competent authority communicates the conditions that you must fulfill in order to obtain the building, demolition, or construction permit.
In order to obtain the urban planning certificate you need the following documents:
-the property deed
-cadastral plans (situation plan, zoning plan)
-Template application (you can find it at the urban planning office where you apply)
-proof of payment of a fee for obtaining the CU (some institutions also issue emergency CU for an additional fee)
*Some mayors, in addition to the documents required by law, require a documentation drawn up by an architect containing a technical architectural memorandum and a site plan with the location of the construction on your land.

Town Hall – Town Planning Office

In the first phase, the design theme must be finalized with the architect of your choice. It reflects your requirements regarding functionality, interior partitioning, interior and exterior appearance, and the setting on your land in accordance with the technical regime specified in the urban planning certificate.
Once the location of the new construction is finalized, a Geotechnical Site Survey must be commissioned. This study is carried out by a geotechnical engineer in your area and consists of taking samples to determine the characteristics of the foundation soil, and data necessary for the preparation of the infrastructure project.
The draft permit, also called P.A.C., is the simplified form extracted from the technical project and represents the written and drawn documentation necessary to obtain the building permit.
The authorization project is drawn up by technical specialists, i.e. architect, resistance engineer and installation engineer and must be approved by a MLPAT- A1- verifier for the foundations part.
The content of the draft authorization, according to law 50/1991, must contain:
Written pieces: Specialty memorandums, general estimates, geo study, verification reports, and documentation for obtaining agreements and approvals.
Drawn parts:
– Architecture: site plan, location plan, current plans, roof plan, facades, sections, site organization;
– Resistance: Foundations plan and foundation details;
– Installations: Electrical, plumbing, and heating installation columns diagram.

List of architects approved by the Romanian Order of Architects

Obtaining the agreements and approvals required by the urban planning certificate is the beneficiary’s task, but usually, if the architect is local, he is also in charge of submitting the files to obtain them.
The City Hall will request environmental and site permits from the utility providers in the area: electricity, water, sewage, gas, sanitation, etc. The number and nature of the permits differ depending on the location and use of the building (residential house, warehouse, or factory).

Beneficiary or architect

For situations where it is desired to extend a building, either horizontally or vertically, by means of a mezzanine, there are two possibilities:
1- agreement of the original designer of the building;
2 – to carry out technical expertise on the existing building.
The technical expertise for the extension is carried out by an expert engineer who will conclude whether the extension can be carried out in a structurally safe way and what measures are necessary to be taken into account by the designers for its realization. This expertise involves a site visit by an MLPAT-certified expert and surveys of the building infrastructure and suprastructure. The study also requires plans of the existing building and the design theme or architectural plan with the proposed situation.

List of MLPAT certified experts

*For civil construction, look for certified technical experts for A1, A2 and A3 requirements depending on the situation:
A.1 – resistance and stability to static and dynamic stresses, including seismic stresses, for civil, industrial, and agro-zootechnical constructions, with concrete, reinforced concrete, and masonry resistance structure;
A.2 – resistance and stability to static and dynamic stresses, including seismic stresses, for civil, industrial, and agro-zootechnical constructions with metal resistance structures;
A.3 – resistance and stability to static and dynamic stresses, including seismic stresses, for civil, industrial and agro-zootechnical constructions with wooden resistance structures;

After drawing up the draft permit and obtaining all the approvals and verifications specified by the urban planning certificate, the files for obtaining the building permit are submitted to the town hall. The legal deadline for issuing the permit or notification for additions to the project is 30 calendar days from the date of submission of the application.

City hall

The technical project and execution details are the projects that contain all the details for starting the execution. This can be done at the same time as obtaining the permit or after obtaining the permit. The project is elaborated by technical staff on specialties, architecture, and resistance of installations and verified according to the norms in force by MLPAT-certified verifiers.
The resistance design for the steel structure will be verified by MLPAT certified verifier for the A2 requirement in order to be able to produce the structure according to SR EN1090-1:2009, the standard that regulates the placing on the market of steel constructions.
*The architectural, plumbing, and fire safety scenario designs do not need to be checked by MLPAT-certified verifiers in the case of individual dwellings unless the beneficiary wishes to have these additional checks done.
For works such as hotels, hostels, sports halls, etc. the verification of the projects by specialties is expressly required and by the town planning certificate depending on the situation.

MLPAT verifier

List of MLPAT certified project verifiers

After obtaining the building permit you can start the construction.
The legal obligations at this stage are:
-to notify the City Hall and the State Building Inspectorate of the start of the works;
-to hire a site manager to represent you during the construction in relations with the builder and state bodies;
-to draw up the Technical Construction Book, by the Site Manager, which contains all the documents starting from the urbanism certificate, documents of quality of materials, and minutes of works that become hidden until the final acceptance of the works;
-to convene the commission for the reception of the works;
-to monitor the construction’s behavior over time according to the schedule issued by the designer.
On completion of the work before final acceptance, you must order an energy certificate from an MDRT-certified auditor.
The law that regulates the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the beneficiary, designer, site manager, experts, inspectors, and technically responsible for the execution is the updated law 10/1995 that you can access here.

Beneficiary or site manager

List of Site Managers authorized by the State Building Inspectorate

List of energy auditors


The reading of the assembling plan is done on the basis of the assembling instructions and the technical memo you receive upon delivery.

The assembling of the structural elements is done by following the 2D plan in the assembling drawing and with the help of the 3D program, you receive this after the design is done.


The 3D program for visualizing Unic Rotarex® structures is the freeware Deep View 6(Download Deep View 6). You can download it from the link below. After installing, you can view the files provided as an example, 3D model house(Download 3D Model House). You will receive files of your construction and will be able to view them before it is produced.

View here the tutorial on how to use the 3D visualization software – Deep View6.


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