Steel home in Texas


Disadvantages of the steel structure housesAlthough steel structure houses have many advantages, including durability, flexibility, and low cost of materials, there are some disadvantages:
1. Fire resistance: although steel materials are part of the A1 fire resistance class (non-combustible), they should be clad with plasterboard to protect them from fire. Non-fireproof steel easily loses its static stability.
2. Thermal conductivity: steel and other metallic materials are good thermal conductors and can allow the transfer of heat and cold between inside and outside. That’s why they should be clad with plasterboard and plaster between the steel profiles.
3. Protection against noise: steel materials are less effective in isolating external sounds, which requires soundproofing measures, also as applying plasterboard.
4. Aesthetics: sometimes steel structure houses can be considered unsuitable for certain architectural styles. I am referring to round, domed towers, spires, or other similar shapes.
5. Exposure to corrosion: steel materials are more prone to corrosion than other building materials, which can lead to problems with the long-term integrity of the structure if the maintenance measures foreseen in the design are not applied.
It is important to consider these aspects when choosing to build a house on a steel structure.


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