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Two buildings in 10 days

steel buildings in Valenii de MunteOnce again, the hard-working team from Unic Rotarex, led by Alin Rotar, manages the performance of erecting two halls in 10 days. And this amidst the gusts of rain typical of late autumn in Valenii de Munte.

It proves once again that the Unic Rotarex® construction system revolutionizes the construction of medium-sized steel buildings, not only by price but also by the accuracy of the engineering idea, the speed of assembling, and the precision with which it is assembled.

We invite you to join the Unic Rotarex® team in the attempt to build not two halls in ten days but many more!

Contact Unic Rotarex®

+40 371 787 888 – Lunedi – Vendredi 8:00-16:00

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